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Hey guys, it's someone needs to ask me shit sunday, so here is a set of homestuck themed asks!

Nepeta: what is your homestuck otp? Notp?
Terezi: If you were a troll, what color would your blood be >:?
Karkat: Pet peeves?
Tavros: What makes you nervous?
Sollux: Favorite TWO homestuck characters?
Aradia: If you could find anything buried in the ground, what would it be?
Kanaya: Which one character would you date?
Eridan: Would you be a land dweller? ... Or a sea dwweller?
Feferi: What would your lusus be?
Vriska: How lucky are you?
Equius: What are your strengths?
Gamzee: If every character was still alive but one, who would it be?
Jade: Favorite animal!
Rose: Who is your patron troll?
John: What would you alchemize?
Dave: Favorite song?