Crocker Family Reunion

Taken at Anime Weekend Atlanta this last weekend with the ever so talented SpectreDeflector, Kitsu and other fabulous cosplay friends.

These are the first of many photos from AWA that I am oh so excited to be working on, more will be coming very soon.


can you imagine the hetalians playing truth or dare

"america, truth or dare aru"


"i dare you to pay me back"

"wtf i said truth bruh"


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U r butiful women U lik long snek Pls b wife

T hank

Thanks for 4.9k followers!

Hey guys I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while! I now have a pretty significant amount of followers on here, and I’d really like to draw more attention to my facebook cosplay page! 

I cosplay a number of things from Homestuck to Hetalia to Gorillaz, Labyrinth, Dramatical Murder, and things in between! If you like any of these things, or just cosplay in general, please give my page a look!