I got Bard of Rage~! Even though I'm a girl (fluid with my gender, though)

Ah how cool though!

~Why hate ships when you can hate Nash Grier~


Seer of space! :D

Hhng love that classpect

I got Knight of Doom.... Geez that's intense

Yeah it is :0

If your still doing the classpect thing, I'm a Knight of Doom

Eheh I’ve been doing to it for two days but cool!


Cosplaying in public like

Page of Breath ;u;

Pages deserve more love

Sylph of Void!


Seer of Mind suits me really well but i feel really bad about the aspect of mind for myself :/

Why do you say that?? I’m a mind player, too

If still accepting classpects, I'm a Mage of Doom. Sollux represent

Love sollux